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2" Solid Decking


2" Southern Yellow Pine Decking


Arkansas Laminating, LLC’s 2” Southern Pine Decking is produced in accordance with the recommendations of the American Institute of Timber Construction and graded in accordance with the latest Southern Pine Inspection Bureau grading rules.

It is ideally suited for use in many of today’s modern structures which call for an all-wood appearance.  In addition to contributing to the structural strength of its application, Arkansas Laminating’s 2” Southern Pine Decking is aesthetically attractive and can be treated to provide longer life when exposed to conditions which can accelerate decay and permit insect attack.


Decking shall be Southern Pine by Arkansas Laminating, LLC.  It shall be nominal 2” x 6” or 2” x 8” No. 1 or No. 2 grade, kiln dried, machined to a single tongue and groove, and EVIS pattern.  No. 1 and No. 2 grade decking shall be manufactured from SPIB No. 1 and better and SPIB No. 2 & better structural lumber, respectively.  It shall be furnished at 15% or less moisture content.


Factory staining of Arkansas Laminating, LLC Decking is available in fifteen semi-transparent wood stains.  Arkansas Laminating’s prefinishing assures a more economical and complete stain application compared with on-site staining.  Color selections can be made from the color chart with actual stain samples submitted per your request for approval.  Please note colors shown in brochure as well as on samples submitted for approval should not necessarily be construed as an exact replication of line production.


Decking can be furnished to specified length or may be random length, odd or even lengths may be furnished, and the minimum lengths based on fbm percentages shall be as follows:

• Not less than 40% to be 14’ and longer
• Not over 10% to be less than 10’
• Not over 1% to be 4’ to 5’
• Minimum length is limited 75% of the span length (i.e., for 8’ support spacing – 6’)

Field Handling

At the time of unloading, the material should be tallied to assure that all ordered material has been received.  If the tally, moisture content or condition of the material is in question, notify Arkansas Laminating, LLC within three days from date of delivery.  Both Arkansas Laminating, LLC and the mill reserve the right to inspect any complaints.  Arkansas Laminating, LLC guarantees shipment in full for the amount of the order, but is not responsible for any pilferage or misuse, nor does it guarantee the amount ordered to be the exact quantity required for the job.


It is the buyer’s responsibility to protect the decking after receipt.  Deck bundles should remain banded until ready for use.  Keep dry and under roof; if this is not possible, store on planking 12” to 18” above ground and completely and securely cover with tarps or black polyethylene.  Use spacers to provide free circulation of air.

Installation Data

Arkansas Laminating 2” Southern Pine Decking is to be installed with tongues up on sloped and pitched roofs where deck is parallel to side walls.  It is to be laid with pattern faces down and exposed on the underside.  The minimum and recommended nailing schedule shall be:  Each piece toe nailed through the tongue and also one face nail per piece per support, using 16d common nails.  In general, end matched decking is installed in a controlled random layup whereas square end specified length decking is installed as simple span, two-span continuous or combination simple and two-span continuous.

Controlled Random Layup

This arrangement is only applicable for three or more spans.  With 2” decking, there shall be a minimum distance of 2 feet between end joints in adjacent courses.  Joints in the same general line (within 6 in. each way of being in line) shall be separated by at least two intervening courses.  In the end bays, each piece must rest on at least one support.  When an end joint occurs in the end bay, the next piece in the same course must continue over the first interior support for at least 2 feet to provide a continuous tie for lateral restraint for the support member, the pieces in at least the first and second courses, and repeating at lest after each group of seven intervening courses, must bear on at least two supports and with end joints in these two courses occurring in alternate spans or on alternate supports, unless some other provision; such as plywood underlayment, is made to provide continuity.

Layup Load Values

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