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Laminated Wood Facts


Why use Laminated Wood?

Laminated Wood is Beautiful:

Wood uniquely embodies the aesthetic qualities essential to a friendly, warm atmosphere.

Design Flexibility:

Structural laminated Southern Yellow Pine has almost unlimited design possibilities.  It provides designers the freedom and flexibility to design structures as conservatively or as spectacularly as they wish.  Whatever your budget, we can supply the system to fit your needs.


Laminated Southern Yellow Pine is stronger than sawn wood.  The innate properties of Southern Yellow Pine make it more resistant to fatigue.

Cost Efficiency:

Laminated Southern Yellow Pine eliminates the need for load bearing interior partitions and excessive roof and ceiling construction.  Precise manufacturing, quality control, and detailed shop drawings save valuable time and minimize waste at the job site.  As an option, prefinishing materials with factory applied stain also saves time and therefore money.  As another option, materials may be specially treated for protection against wood decay, minimizing maintenance costs from exposure to the elements.  Wood is also a renewable resource and an environmentally safe product.  A one hour fire rating can be designed into the product eliminating costly wrapping materials, such as cladding or fire proofing structural steel.


The appearance of laminated Southern Yellow Pine is compatible with other materials.  This compatibility permits the use of other natural construction materials, especially those materials native to a particular area.  This is an important economic advantage that should not be overlooked.

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