• The large-format sintered stone firm explores new ways to digitally showcase its latest releases to customers with Mimetic Landscapes.
  • A virtual showroom – converted into a luxury home – which allows us to see how the latest 6, 12 and 20 mm products would look in different rooms, including the kitchen.

The Arklam team has not only been working tirelessly to launch new collections in large-format sintered stone onto the market. The firm is also exploring new ways to digitally showcase its latest releases to customers, inspired more than ever by natural materials.

In a sector that has suffered in recent months for the lack of international design events and fairs, Arklam has created a new and exclusive 360º digital showroom. An exhibition converted into a luxury home where we can see how large-format tiles look with different finishes and applications, as well as in strategic rooms such as the living room, bathroom, kitchen or outdoors. This is all accompanied by extensive technical information and exquisite interior design work by design professionals.

Using Arklam on kitchen countertops: Arklam as you’ve never seen it before

Apart from being able to see the authentic and inspiring uses of Arklam in indoor and outdoor spaces, the virtual house has a special role to play in the kitchen space, where it is possible to very quickly and intuitively see how the material would look as countertops. Recently launched series such as Rosa Persia, in a 12 mm thick version, or Syrac, in 12 and 20 mm; professionals will love the new releases for countertops and cooking islands.

Arklam house 360
Kitchen space in Mimetic Landscapes by Arklam. The user can choose to change the countertop, floor and backsplash collection.

The main advantage of the virtual house is that it allows us to change the appearance of the countertop, get close to the material with a magnifying glass to see the details of the design, change to overhead view and even coordinate the backsplash or the floor tiles with different materials, including the 6 mm version.

Arklam Calacatta Gold
Overhead view of countertop in Arklam Calacatta Gold 12 & 20mm thickness.

Other advantages of this virtual showroom are that it allows us to change the colour and collection from inside the same room, download the catalogue, view image galleries and even view all the product technical information. Everything that the professional needs on a single site.

Beyond being a source of inspiration, the Arklam house is designed to be a powerful sales tool. The virtual platform includes a video call service that will allow the sales team to connect with its customers and accompany them on a guided tour throughout the property. A pioneering communication and sales channel that allows professionals and customers to see the product applied in real rooms with all the guarantees of quality and high definition.

Mimetic Landscapes: a concept that makes products shine

Arklam offers a variety of features that make the material an excellent solution for customers: excellent technical features, versatility, easy placement and handling to create without limits, and a look that is faithfully inspired by nature.

In its virtual showroom, Arklam mainly bolsters this third pillar, a unique design. Thanks to extensive work on raw materials, the use of special inks which are unique on the market and innovative product design, the firm is getting ever-closer to the natural materials. In Mimetic Landscapes, Arklam draws on the near-perfect mimicry of pieces and materials found in nature.

The new Arklam house has also worked on its mimetic quality outside the property. Not only because the façade is also fitted with Arklam, demonstrating its ability to be used in this setting; but because the structure has also perfectly blended into nature.

Arklam house 360
Start of the ‘Mimetic Landscapes’ by Arklam virtual tour. The property also mimics its surroundings.

The Arklam 2021 New Products catalogue includes new realistic stones and marbles

As part of the product launch for the first half of 2021, Arklam includes several realistic stones and marbles, whose design is full of nuances and details.

In the stone segment, the firm proposes Rosa Persia, with elegant whitish veins, fossil inlays and slight shading; and Bateig, a very neutral and modern design in two colours: Blue and Verona, with the second very warm and earthy. Both collections offer a 6 mm and 12 mm version, the latter for kitchen countertops.

In marbles, this season Arklam is opting for very white background pieces and very marked veins. In a purple colour in the case of Lilac, and oxides, in the case of Syrac and Calacatta Gold, inspired by marble worn over time. In addition to the 6 and 12 mm formats, these three series are supplemented by the thicker 20 mm version, which has recently been launched, which handles similar to the real stone.

Lilac kitchen
Kitchen with Lilac countertop (12 and 20 mm thick) and coordinated floor and wall tiles in its 6 mm polished finish version.

Discover all the collections in the new Arklam ‘Mimetic Landscapes’ house. Get exploring!