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Bathroom countertops and washbasins

More authentic and realistic, aimed at relaxation, at “you time”. Its outstanding nature-inspired looks make Arklam the perfect choice for modern bathrooms. A symbiotic design for countertops, with or without integrated washbasin, which transports you to that oasis of calm where you can disconnect and unwind.

100% stone bathrooms

Design your complete bathroom with Arklam

Available in thicknesses of 6, 12 and 12mm, Arklam is the ideal solution for custom-designed large-format bathroom countertops and benches. Together with its exceptional mechanical benefits, this versatile material in terms of handling and fitting transforms the bathroom into a safe and hygienic space.

Get a 100% stone bathroom with Arklam by combining the countertop with the 6mm format for flooring and cladding. You can even integrate the washbasin or design matching furniture.

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Properties of porcelain bathroom countertops

Bathroom countertops where hygiene is a priority

Bathroom countertops are in continuous daily use, surfaces on which you usually place objects, and which come into direct contact with water. It’s important to use a material such as Arklam for this area, as its resistance and durability keep it in exactly the same condition as the day it was fitted. As countertops are regularly exposed to humidity and particularly prone to bacteria growth, it’s essential they’re also non-porous and antibacterial, and easy to clean and maintain.

UV resistant
Frost resistant
Scratch resistant
Stain resistant
Heat resistant
Easy to clean
Formats and thicknesses
Large-format custom-made bathroom countertops. 100% Arklam designs
Formats and thicknesses
Large-format custom-made bathroom countertops. 100% Arklam designs
With a similar look and handling to natural stone, the 1600x3200 format is ideal for made-to-measure bathroom benches and countertops and is available in thicknesses of 12mm and 20mm.
12 mm
20 mm