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Kitchen countertops

You’d think it was stone, but it’s not: it’s so much more. We take the aesthetics of nature and add the fantastic technical features of porcelain to make the most elegant and versatile kitchen countertops ever.

Kitchen countertops that emulate nature

Arklam Countertops is the kitchen countertops range made from the latest generation of coloured sintered mass. We recreate the look and thickness of stone and add the properties of porcelain to create a highly competitive alternative to the natural material with maximum guarantees of durability, resistance and hygiene.

Discover the large-format 1600×3200 designs in 12mm and 20mm, specifically created to meet the needs of kitchen design.

Marble effect countertops, imitation wood or stone countertops...
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Properties of porcelain kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops built to last

The art of cooking requires tools that fully meet your expectations, and this also applies to kitchen countertops. Arklam’s technical and mechanical properties guarantee a durable and reliable material, so the only thing you have to worry about is spending your time innovating and creating without limits. The best results come from experimenting – the most exquisite recipes await!

UV resistant
Frost resistant
Scratch resistant
Stain resistant
Heat resistant
Easy to clean
Sterile and antibacterial countertops

Every day, we’re in constant contact with a high number of bacteria. Now more than ever, kitchens require sterile materials that allow their users to prepare food SAFELY. With Arklam, your countertops will be antibacterial and hygienic, thanks to the low porosity of porcelain, which is also easy to clean and maintain.

Formats and thicknesses
Large format for kitchen countertops. As real as stone in looks and thickness
Formats and thicknesses
Large format for kitchen countertops. As real as stone in looks and thickness
We offer the large-format 1600x3200 design for kitchen countertops, which has a unique character and high performance. In addition to providing countertops with an extremely realistic marble or stone effect, we also emulate the thickness of the natural material. This results in Arklam being similar to stone for use in kitchen design projects.
12 mm
20 mm