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All about Arklam
What is Arklam?

An innovative large-format sintered stone solution that stands out for its strength, durability and design, Arklam has been created specifically for the most exclusive and demanding projects. Arklam Supersize comprises two product lines with a clear distinction according to their thickness and applications: Arklam Countertops 12mm and 20mm, aimed at the kitchen channel; and Arklam 3mm and 6mm, with many architecture and design possibilities.

What is Arklam

Our sintered stone is designed to meet the needs of architects and interior designers, as well as the marble sector. Arklam has thus become a reference product due to its exceptional technical features, going a step further in kitchen design and suitable for covering all types of surfaces.

Our solutions allow professionals to create without limits, challenge traditional design ideas and dream big.
Be inspired by the most authentic looks based on natural materials. Arklam seeks beauty in nature and even improves on it.
Arklam for countertops
1600x3200 slabs in 12mm and 20mm.
Arklam for countertops and bathrooms
Made-to-measure bathroom countertops with or without integrated washbasin.
Wall and floor
Arklam in extra-thin large-format tiles
Large-format 3mm and 6mm tiles for designing infinite coordinated spaces.
Arklam in ventilated façade systems
Lightweight, maximum strength and sustainability to ensure the perfect skin for buildings.
Arklam for furniture
A versatile, exclusive solution for creating and designing tables, furniture or fireplaces.
Contributing to a better world
Sustainability and Social Responsibility
As an eco-conscious company, Arklam is helping to make the world a better place. We care about the nature that inspires us, but we also care about those around us. Without people, the world has no meaning.
Our Company

Arklam has extensive business expertise and operates in more than 120 countries worldwide. A multinational company, we prioritise the satisfaction of our team, whose talent, motivation, dedication and professionalism allow us to achieve all our goals.

Our achievements
Certifications and recognition of the fantastic skill, dedication and professionalism of our team.

Our mission is to consolidate our sintered stone in the sector as a creative, versatile, safe and sustainable material. A quality, innovative and versatile solution which, together with our excellent service, allows us to provide value for our clients, partners and society in general.


Our vision as a brand is to become recognised worldwide for our products and building solutions of the future. The perfect ally for designers: reliable, durable and safe from the most technical point of view, allowing you to dare to be bold and go as far as your imagination will take you.


Our main values are leadership: we’re never satisfied and always want to go further; quality and continuous improvement: we want to improve every day; responsibility: to our clients and society; diversity: our sintered stone comes in a wide variety of looks and finishes; and commitment: as a company we’re aware of the importance of sustainability and focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Latest releases

Everything that may be of interest to you. Immerse yourself in the world of slabs to make your projects a reality.