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Porcelain ventilated façades

A solution that adapts perfectly to the architecture, just like a skin. Arklam is the large-format porcelain for ventilated façades of the twenty-first century. It promotes energy efficiency, taking inspiration from nature while promoting sustainability.

Providing a skin for buildings

Arklam Skin is our ventilated façade line. The many advantages of this large-format extra-thin porcelain cladding for all types of buildings include its lightness, maximum resistance, sustainability, easy maintenance and exceptional finishes.

Arklam proposes its 6mm façade for optimal installation on building exteriors. Be inspired by the endless possibilities offered by our minimal thickness sintered mass.

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Properties of Arklam for façades

A lightweight skin offering strength and durability.

Arklam ventilated façades are waterproof, allow air circulation, improve solar protection, and offer heat and sound insulation. They’re also resistant to thermal shock, low temperatures, UV rays, wear and tear, scratching, bending and chemicals, and are environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

To all this, Arklam adds the benefits of sintered mass, such as its lightness, thinness and exceptional finishes, making it an outstanding choice for the skin of any building, both new constructions and renovations.

Large Format

Arklam has revolutionised the world of ceramic façades with its large format. Arklam is also BIG on performance, providing resistance and durability for exteriors.


Arklam is an extremely lightweight material, making it easy to handle and lay. It can also be applied over existing surfaces, saving time and costs. The most demanding projects choose Arklam.


Maximum strength with minimum thickness. Arklam is a sintered mass with a higher density than other cladding materials and its durability is fully guaranteed.

Made-to-measure design

Arklam is available in different formats to suit the needs of each project. View formats.

It can also be cut to size.

Formats and thicknesses
Large format for ventilated façades, minimal thickness to meet architectural requirements.
Formats and thicknesses
Large format for ventilated façades, minimal thickness to meet architectural requirements.
Our product is a thin, resistant 6mm-thick sheet. This thickness meets the requirements of the most avant-garde ventilated façade systems in terms of handling, installation and aesthetics.
6 mm