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Sustainability and social responsibility

Contributing to a better world

The future is NOW.

We’re designing the material you need NOW, the material of TOMORROW. But there won’t be a tomorrow if we don’t start taking care of our world TODAY.

Arklam is an environmentally friendly product, as its manufacturing process, transport, handling and maintenance all minimise the consumption of energy resources and the creation of waste.


Wastewater recycled in the manufacturing process.

Up to 10 million litres saved per year.


Of own electricity generated.


Industrial products and green waste recycled.

Cardboard, plastics and metals recycled.


Of crude oil waste recovered and reused.


Of waste recycled.


Recycled raw materials used.


Less natural gas consumed in tile production.


Reduction of fluorinated compounds and particles per m2.


Less clay consumed during tile manufacturing.

Reduction in CO2 emissions.

Reduction in sulphur, nitrogen and carbon monoxide compound emissions.

Less consumption of inks when decorating pieces with IPLUS technology.

Reduction in packaging.


870 tonnes of CO2 saved in 2020 thanks to the circular economy project.

Discover the most authentic looks inspired by natural materials. Arklam seeks beauty in nature and even improves on it.