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The material of the FUTURE

Created to last
Quality doesn't fear time

We have the material you need TODAY, the material of TOMORROW. Arklam is a guarantee of quality and durability, timeless and unchanging, a safe bet for any type of project.

Incorporating the latest R&D developments into the manufacturing process has allowed us to launch a material with extraordinary qualities. These unprecedented technical and mechanical properties make Arklam the complete package for professionals: a solution you can trust, which gives you guarantees and peace of mind for the FUTURE.

UV resistant
Frost resistant
Heat resistant
Scratch resistant
Stain resistant
Easy to clean
The perfect material for kitchen countertops.
A sterile solution

In recent years, architecture and interior design have changed, with sterile materials becoming increasingly popular in order to comply with SAFETY requirements. Since Arklam is non-porous, dirt doesn’t accumulate on its surface, making it very easy to clean and preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Arklam’s quality not only makes our sintered stone the ideal option for kitchen design, but also for clinical and healthcare projects, which require the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

Discover the material that allows professionals to dare to be bold, experiment with design, create without limits, and challenge traditional design ideas.