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Portland Stone
Taking you forward.

We travel to the world’s most remote locations to extract the purest, most genuine materials from the best quarries. With natural perfection as a starting point, we’ve created Arklam, a large-format, high-performance solution that allows professionals to challenge traditional design ideas and unleash their creativity.

Arklam for countertops
1600x3200 slabs in 12mm and 20mm.
Arklam for countertops and bathrooms
Made-to-measure bathroom countertops with or without integrated washbasin.
Wall and floor
Arklam in extra-thin large-format tiles
Large-format 3mm and 6mm tiles for designing infinite coordinated spaces.
Arklam in ventilated façade systems
Lightweight, maximum strength and sustainability to ensure the perfect skin for buildings.
Arklam for furniture
A versatile, exclusive solution for creating and designing tables, furniture or fireplaces.
Warranty and security
Arklam is committed to ensuring a high-quality, durable product; a reliable, unchanging solution that provides form and function in equal measure for both today and tomorrow. Its guarantees provide peace of mind, making Arklam the product of the FUTURE.

Inspired by reality, Arklam designs its large-format sintered stone down to the last detail. It closely studies materials and trends to offer a broad range of beautiful finishes with infinite qualities, so that each project can find the perfect design.


As we want to be the preferred partner of professionals, we offer all our available resources and tools, allowing you to focus on innovating, letting your imagination run free and bringing your ideas to life.

Portland Stone Catalogue 6mm
Arcane Catalogue 12mm
Mayfair Catalogue 6mm
Patagonia Catalogue 6mm
Arklam General Countertops Catalogue 2023
Arklam General 3mm-6mm Catalogue 2023
Latest releases

Everything that may be of interest to you. Immerse yourself in the world of large-format porcelain stoneware to make your projects a reality.