Arklam, a leader in the sintered mass sector, has recently introduced its latest collection, Portland Stone. Inspired by ancient natural stone, this collection offers an innovative and high-quality solution for cladding and flooring. Available in a 1200 x 3000 mm format with a thickness of 6 mm, it is suitable for a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors, including façades and furniture cladding.

Portland Stone’s design faithfully reproduces the texture and appearance of natural stone, achieved through the use of HyperTec, the latest in advanced 3D technology. This technological approach ensures a precise and detailed replication of the stone’s surface, guaranteeing a natural finish that enhances the authenticity and realism of any architectural project.

Technical features of this collection include:

· Large-format sintered mass (1200 x 3000 mm) that simplifies installation and reduces the number of joints, resulting in a seamless and elegant surface.

· 6 mm thickness that offers both lightness and versatility, allowing for various applications, from wall cladding to flooring.

· Natural finish: The use of 3D technology creates a texture and appearance that faithfully replicate natural stone, providing an aesthetically pleasing and durable finish.

· Multiple applications: Suitable for use indoors, outdoors, on façades and furniture, demonstrating its flexibility and adaptability to different architectural and design projects.

Portland Stone by Arklam stands out not just for its aesthetic appearance but also for its superior technical qualities, including its resistance to wear, ease of maintenance and durability. These features make it the preferred choice for design and construction professionals seeking high-performance materials without compromising on natural beauty.

With this new collection, Arklam reaffirms its commitment to innovation and quality, combining advanced technology with sophisticated design to offer products that meet the demands of the contemporary market.