Choosing tones of black for a bathroom might seem like a risky choice. But that’s not the case if you combine the right materials and get the lighting just right. Take your décor to the next level with an elegant and dramatic black bathroom. Because ‘Black is the new black’!

Not to be oppositional or anything, but in 2021 we loosened our grip on the white bathroom look to embrace the captivating feel of the colour black. At first glance, this might seem like a very daring design choice, but it can land just right if you know how to do it. The key is to consider the available space, since black will always be better suited to a large bathroom rather than a cooped up space. It’s also crucial to pay careful attention to the lighting. Do we have natural lighting? How much of it? Because if it’s not enough, strategically placed artificial lighting will be your greatest ally if you take the dark tone design route.

Material selection is another aspect that will help intensify the feeling of spaciousness in an entirely black bathroom. We should be going for large formats, that create continuous floor and wall tiling looks; and polished finishes, so the light can bounce off and create a flattering, expansive effect. Arklam is the perfect material to achieve all this in a black bathroom. Not only that, but it’s also ideal from a functional standpoint, offering great durability and easy cleaning and maintenance.

All-black bathrooms: bold elegance

If the colour black is your thing, you will love this all-black bathroom which showcases marble as the star feature. The collection is Negro Marquina, an exquisite version of our sintered stone, where the white veins on the black background achieve a highly atmospheric and dramatic effect. The material’s large format and ease of application gives a seamless finish throughout the space, from walls to floors and surrounding the bath inset;  leaving the pops of white to the bathroom furniture. Adding to the charm of this bathroom are the gold details, which boost the luxury factor and bring some classical style; as well as the carefully selected and tasteful light fixture choices. Since it is an interior space, the designers opted for a large overhead light fixture as well as wall lamps and led strips on both sides of the ceiling. 

Baños negros
Arklam Negro Marquina 1000x3000mm and 6mm thickness. Although it also comes in a Silk finish, the Polished version was chosen here to intensify the sensation of light in the space.

Modern black bathroom designs: wallpaper effect wall coverings

One of the most unique and exclusive Arklam series is Jurassic Black (together with its embellished version: Jurassic Gold). A great combination in a bathroom configured to be split into two areas: the toilet and sink area and the bath area, without having to resort to fully partitioned spaces (front page image). While the floor and general wall covering features Jurassic Black (with its intensely stony finish with toast-coloured hints), Jurassic Gold was chosen for the sink front area, giving an exquisite ‘wallpaper’ look to the space. This bathroom receives natural light from a huge window, which floods in and highlights both sides of the bathroom space.

Black and white (or black and grey) bathrooms

Black and white bathrooms are slightly less risqué than the all-black look, although this will always depend on the extent to which each monochrome hue is present in the design, using the ebony to create more or less intensity and design impact. If you’re looking to steer away from the traditional white, black and grey bathrooms can be a more striking choice than the traditional white, and not necessarily at the expense of luminosity.

Baño negro y gris
Pure Black Polished 1200×3000 and Brazil Super White Hond 1600×3200. The flooring is Black Silk 1000x3000R, from the Arklam Basic Line.

This bathroom features Arklam’s brand new collection Pure Black in polished version, combined with the grey stone of Brazil Super White.  A highly stony design, similar to the natural material, it features a full-length double countertop in the sink area, extending the surface area and storage capacity.

Grey bathrooms: exquisite design ideas for more subdued tastes

If you’re not up for the ‘all-black’ look, you can still shift your choice towards a grey colour scheme to achieve an elegant and sophisticated, while less intense, bathroom look. Different stone choices work wonderfully in grey bathrooms, bringing out the cement-like finish and on-trend colours like charcoal and anthracite.

Baños grises
Arklam Brazil Super White Hond 1200x3000R in flooring and sink area wall covering.   The model chosen for the bath surround is Atrium Anthracite Natural 1200x3000R. Although there are two separate areas within the same space, adding Atrium Anthracite on one of the walls in the interior offers continuity and livens up the design.

This bathroom design went with the anthracite range for the brighter bath area beside the window, and a softer grey for the more interior spaces.

Baños grises
Arklam Sidney Moka Natural 1000×3000, 6mm thickness.

This bathroom, in contrast, features the cement look, which gives an industrial feel to the interior design. A tone which, far from the black end of the scale, brings intensity and style to a bathroom of stylish grey tones. The harshness of the concrete is softened by the strong presence of natural light and the natural wooden furnishings.

With all these ideas, you can see it all more clearly now, right?