• Porcelain tiles are an ideal installation option as fireplace cladding due to their extensive technical characteristics.
  • The Arklam’s large size lets you create fireplace designs that are fully integrated into the wall, and coordinated with the flooring.

The top reason for choosing to add a fireplace into a home is its functionality, as it creates a unique atmosphere of charm and warmth in any room. However, some prefer to include a fireplace in the decor due to its high aesthetic value. In living rooms, for example, they are usually located in the centre, capturing all the attention and providing a place to gather with friends and family.   

While the interior cladding is crucial, as it must be technically suited for its intended purpose and use, so is the exterior cladding. It’s the fireplace’s most visible “face”, and it has to help it blend in with the wall, especially in designs with a recessed fireplace. 

Whether it’s a recessed fireplace, a corner fireplace or one with two sides, Arklam is the perfect cladding material. Its various technical features, such as its durability and resistance to high temperatures, make for a fireplace that is both pleasing and safe. In addition, the large size of our sintered stone can be used to create integrated designs regardless of how the fireplace is laid out, designs that can be coordinated with the flooring or with other cladding.

Next, we suggest four fireplace designs with Arklam that are perfect for modern living rooms.

Ideas for decorating the wall with the fireplace

Living rooms with a corner fireplace

For L-shaped rooms, corner fireplaces are one decorative option that is the perfect design element to give warmth to the living room’s separate areas, such as the relaxation area, where the sofas take centre stage; and the dining area, where the table and chairs are located.

fireplace tiles
Living room with a corner fireplace. Series: Onix Beige 6 mm thick.

The new Onix collection by Arklam, inspired by the agate stone, achieves a very elegant and integrated design for this living room, where the 6-mm thick sintered stone plates adapt perfectly to the corner of the dining room with a recessed fireplace. A setting that also features polished Onix Beige for the flooring, which reflects the warmth of the fire on its surface.

Rounding out the unique design of this dining room with a fireplace is the LED light installed in the gap between the ceiling and the wall, highlighting even more the unique Arklam design.

Living rooms with marble fireplaces

Although stone is a must for fireplace claddings, so is marble, whose classic designs are left behind to instead fill 21st-century rooms with sophistication.

fireplace tiles
Living room with 6 mm Calacatta Paonazzo flooring and cladding. One of Arklam’s most premium collections.

Arklam takes a step further in the design of its pieces with slabs that challenge this natural material’s most genuine finish. With Calacatta Paonazzo, Arklam has managed to imprint on its slabs the oxidized grain of old marble, a look that is brought out by the passage of time. This design is available on up to three different faces to achieve a continuous cladding, like on this living room with a recessed fireplace. A decor that is supplemented with furniture in neutral tones to highlight the character of the porcelain, lamps and golden side tables. Do you like its Mid-Century Modern “air”?

Living rooms with a two-sided fireplace

One of the hottest trends in fireplaces in 2021 is two-sided fireplaces. A design that, whether open or closed, serves to separate two environments in the same living room, similar to the effect achieved by living rooms with a corner fireplace. A two-sided fireplace provides warmth to those two visually separate environments, while also imbuing them with a certain privacy without having to resort to a physical divider between rooms.

fireplace tiles
Living room with Arklam Avenue Taupe, in which the two-sided fireplace and a glass wall separate a relaxation area and a dining area while maintaining the visual breadth and depth.

Living rooms with a stone-wood mix

The installation possibilities offered by Arklam can also be used to create a continuous effect all along the fireplace cladding, matching or contrasting (depending on the design) with the flooring and the living room’s other walls.

fireplace tiles
Recessed fireplace design where the stone and cement are combined to create the perfect decorative blend. Series: Manhattan Beige.

In this interior design, our sintered Manhattan Beige stone, used for both the flooring and the fireplace cladding, counteracts the Raw effect of the untreated wood on the wall in the background. A stylish combo where the subtle addition of wrought iron also brings a touch of elegance and class.

Which fireplace cladding is your favourite?