In the world of interior design, the kitchen is one of the most essential spaces in any home. If you seek to create a minimalist kitchen with a touch of elegance and durability, Arklam large-format sintered mass pieces are the ideal choice. In this blog, we will delve into the wonders of minimalist kitchens crafted with these pieces, providing you with ideas and tips to embark on your own design project.

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Key elements of a minimalist kitchen

Materials and colours characteristic of minimalist kitchens.

Minimalist kitchens are known for their simple, visually clean and functional aesthetics. When it comes to materials and colours, the aim is to create a serene and organised environment. Here are some characteristic colours of minimalist kitchens:

– White: White stands as one of the most popular colour choices in minimalist kitchens, creating a sense of brightness, cleanliness and spaciousness. It can be used on walls, furniture and countertops.

– Neutral shades: Neutral shades like light grey, beige or cream are also widely used in minimalist kitchens. These colours convey calmness and simplicity and can easily be combined with other decorative elements.

– Black: Black can be used as an accent or to create contrasts in a minimalist kitchen. It can appear in appliances, taps, handles or even on walls or floors, but in a balanced proportion so as not to overwhelm the space.

– Subtle touches of colour: In some cases, subtle touches of colour can be added to lend visual intrigue. This can be achieved through accessories, kitchen utensils or decorative elements, but they should be kept to a minimum to avoid disrupting the minimalist aesthetics.

Remember that the colour palette and materials can vary according to your style and personal preferences. The key in a minimalist kitchen is to maintain simplicity and visual harmony, avoiding excessive or overwhelming elements.

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The importance of maximising space and maintaining organisation.

In minimalist kitchens, maximising space and maintaining organisation are key aspects to achieve a functional, clean and visually pleasing environment. Here’s why that’s important:

Efficiency and functionality: In a minimalist kitchen, each element and each space must have a specific function and be used efficiently. Maximising space involves making the most of every corner and surface available to optimise storage and the distribution of utensils, appliances and food. This facilitates the workflow in the kitchen, allowing quick and convenient access to the necessary items during food preparation.

Sense of order and cleanliness: Organisation in a minimalist kitchen helps maintain a sense of order and cleanliness at all times. Having everything in a designated place avoids visual clutter and makes regularly cleaning workspaces a breeze.

Minimalist aesthetics: The minimalist style is based on clean lines and clutter-free spaces without unnecessary adornments. Additionally, open and clutter-free spaces create a sense of calm and tranquillity, characteristic of this design style.

Ease of maintenance: A well-organised minimalist kitchen is easier to clean and maintain. For this reason, Arklam sintered mass offers ideal conditions for both cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to keep it in pristine condition.

Sense of spaciousness: Maximising space in a minimalist kitchen helps create a sense of spaciousness, even in smaller spaces. Built-in furniture and appliances, as well as light colours and adequate lighting, also contribute to a greater sense of space and brightness in a minimalist kitchen.

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Inspiration for minimalist kitchen designs with Arklam

When it comes to designing minimalist kitchens with Arklam, there are many inspiring options to consider. Here are some ideas to ignite your creativity:

  1. Minimalist countertops and backsplashes

We recommend opting for Arklam countertops in neutral hues, such as white or light grey, to achieve an elegant and polished appearance. Some of the stand-out collections for creating minimalist kitchens are Bateig Verona, Pure Visón, Village or Syrac. Additionally, consider the option of using a large-format Arklam countertop without cuts to achieve a uniform and clean look, adding a matching backsplash to create visual continuity and a minimalist look without visible joints.

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  1. Kitchen furniture clad with Arklam

With Arklam, you can clad the fronts of kitchen cabinets and drawers, always opting for neutral and soft shades to maintain the minimalist aesthetics you’re looking for. One trick we suggest is to create contrast by combining Arklam-clad furniture with white or light surfaces in the rest of the kitchen. You can also combine different finishes of Arklam, such as matte or textured, to add visual dimension to minimalist kitchen furniture.

  • Wall cladding

Another practical option to consider is cladding an entire wall with Arklam slabs to create a much more modern look. Typically, the ideal area for this would be the feature wall behind the cooking area or the sink to create an elegant focal point in your minimalist kitchen. You can also opt for recessed lighting to highlight its beauty and create a cosy atmosphere.

  • Minimalist floors with Arklam

One way to achieve continuity in the kitchen floor and achieve a minimalist look with no visible joints is by using large-format slabs. For the floor, we recommend choosing colours like light grey or beige to go with the rest of the kitchen’s colour palette.


Creative ideas to incorporate Arklam into your kitchen

Arklam breakfast bar: Use large sintered mass pieces to create an elegant and functional breakfast bar. You can clad a section of the countertop with Arklam in a contrasting shade or match it with the rest of the countertop for a more uniform look. This not only adds style to your kitchen but also provides a practical spot to enjoy quick meals or socialise while cooking.

Arklam-clad extractor hood: Add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen by adorning the extractor hood with Arklam. Choose an Arklam design that complements your kitchen’s style, be it neutral hues or an interesting texture. This will create a focal point that harmonises with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

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Arklam decorative panels: Introduce decorative Arklam panels to strategic areas of your kitchen to create a sense of visual intrigue. For instance, you can install these panels on the wall behind the cooking area or use them as stylish cladding for the kitchen island. You can opt for textured designs, geometric patterns or metallic finishes to infuse a distinct and stylish touch to your culinary space.

Floating shelves: Instead of choosing traditional shelving, opt for floating shelves crafted from Arklam. These minimalist and elegant shelves provide the perfect platform to display kitchen utensils, spices or decorative items, while lending a modern flair to your kitchen.

Floor cladding: For a fully cohesive minimalist kitchen, consider cladding the entire floor with Arklam. Choose a neutral shade or a subtle design to create an elegant and durable foundation. Apart from its stunning appearance, Arklam floors boast excellent wear resistance and effortless cleaning.

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Minimalist kitchens featuring Arklam large-format sintered mass pieces are ideal for those looking for elegance, durability and ease of maintenance. We hope this blog has inspired you and given you some ideas for crafting your very own minimalist kitchen, utilising the remarkable qualities of Arklam. So, let your imagination soar and design a unique minimalist haven within your home!