The prestigious international trade fair, Cersaie 2023, held from 25 to 29 September, witnessed the debut of the latest innovations in sintered mass pieces. During this event, the brand made a remarkable impression, astonishing visitors with three captivating collections: Mayfair, Patagonia and Arcane.

Each of these creations represents an exquisite blend of natural beauty and timeless design, lending spaces a unique combination of luxury, sophistication and serenity. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of sintered mass and discover how these collections redefine the standards of interior design.

•PATAGONIA: A symphony of elegance and light.

Carefully designed in warm tones to glow with a captivating radiance when backlit, evoking an aura of prestige and refinement.

The marble effect, combined with the magical play of light when backlit, creates an immersive ambience that takes the breath away. This collection will transform your spaces into an incomparable sensorial experience, where class and sophistication can be found in every corner.

Patagonia marble, known for its exclusivity, becomes the central element that raises the level of distinction in any space.

The translucent property of each piece allows the light to be distributed. This innovation, together with the backlighting technique, provides a distinctive aesthetic and enables you to create settings that challenge conventional design, providing spaces with an unequalled play of light.

•MAYFAIR: A collection inspired by London’s iconic Mayfair district and marquetry.

Each piece showcases the craftsmanship and attention to detail the mid-century style is famed for, with clean lines and geometric shapes. This collection is the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of luxury, exclusivity and a nod to the past in their spaces.

The metallic décor brings an extra hint of luxury and sophistication to this captivating collection. Copper-toned accents highlight the geometric designs and enhance the beauty of each piece, adding a warm glow and a contemporary look. The contrast between wood and metal creates a visually striking combination.

It transports design enthusiasts to an opulent, charming world. Its thoughtful design reflects the classic architectural essence and modern sophistication this prestigious neighbourhood is known for. Each piece in this collection is imbued with textures and geometries that mimic the elegance of Mayfair’s historic buildings and its vibrant contemporary life.

•ARCANE: When the art of nature and timeless design meet.

This collection captures the essence and serenity of Scandinavian forests. The soft, delicate tones of Nordic wood are reflected in the Arcane collection, creating a sense of calm and serenity in any space. Its subtle grain and knots evoke the authenticity and unique beauty of trees.

Spaces come alive thanks to the presence of the collection’s untreated wood finish, providing a deep connection to nature and conveying a sense of harmony and balance.

The Arcane collection will act as a tribute to the Nordic lifestyle, where simplicity merges with sophistication to become the centrepiece that a

The textures, colours and shapes of these sintered mass pieces left a lasting impression on visitors, who were amazed by the quality and creativity infused into every detail.

The Cersaie 2023 International Fair proved to be a resounding success, attracting a multitude of professionals from the ceramics, architecture and interior design industries. Throughout the event, the Arklam stand was teeming with professionals who were impressed by the new products presented. The significant turnout underscores the industry’s keen interest in the fair, as well as Arklam’s prominent position in the sintered mass market.

Visitor feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with accolades highlighting the quality, innovation and beauty of the collections. Many expressed their admiration for Arklam’s ability to combine aesthetics with functionality in each of the pieces on display. Moreover, visitors were enthralled by the diverse array of choice offered by the collections. The comments reflect a great deal of enthusiasm, underscoring Arklam’s triumph with the public.