In recent years, the kitchen has become one of the most important spaces in the home. It has gone from being a place for cooking to a more intimate space where we also share moments with our loved ones and where, without realizing it, we spend a lot of time throughout the day. For this reason, the kitchen must be a pleasant and comfortable room, where we can feel at ease.

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The tones and finishes of our kitchen countertops are a personal choice that depends on the tastes and characteristics of the space. We will make a small tour of the trends that we will find this year.

Neutral colors, a ‘must’ in decoration

The use of neutral tones allows us a great variety of combinations and adapts perfectly to different styles and trends. Neutral decorations in the kitchen bring elegance and brightness to the space, in addition to providing a sense of hygiene and order that we are looking for in our kitchens.

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Neutral colors are an ideal choice for kitchens that have smaller dimensions or do not have enough light, since these shades provide a feeling of spaciousness.  

If we like contrasts with neutral and dark tones, an alternative to find the perfect balance is to apply the darkest colors in low furniture or on a wall, so as not to overload the space.

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Goodbye to kitchens with a “total white” look

Yes, you read that right. The new trends have left behind the all-white kitchens, as they have been doing in recent years. Now, fashion is opting for finishes with other materials, such as stone, which has made its own niche in the world of decoration. Natural stone effect finishes, whether fresh from the quarries or meticulously worked by the best masters, are a key element in today’s kitchen decoration.

Rosa Persia Hond 1600×3200 | Rosa Persia Hond 1200×3000

Elegant woods

Wood finishes have always been related to more rustic styles, but in recent years we have seen how wood has managed to make its way into decoration in a myriad of styles, both in flooring and kitchens.

One of the main advantages of wood is that it adapts to any style of decoration, shedding the ‘cosy’ connotations to focus on more modern and current styles. In addition, wood finishes create warm and cozy environments, a plus point in any room.   

Another element that is becoming more and more essential in kitchens are the kitchen islands, spaces that are not only used for cooking, but are also a “meeting point” to share moments and experiences with friends and family.

The fusion of different materials is becoming more and more popular in interior design and decoration. The combination of materials such as marble and wood, create a ‘perfect match’ that we love.

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